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The best outcomes and most powerful results are always achieved by ensuring your audience is part of the process.

It’s not about us. But it’s not about you either

While we always aim to put you first, we don’t forget about who is most important to you, your audience. The strongest relationships and best outcomes are always achieved by introducing the voice of your audience. Whether through persona analysis, customer workshops or simply by remembering who is important, keeping your audience front of mind provides a consistent point of reference for your project.

This ensures our combined decisions are founded on genuine audience benefit rather than individual opinion or uninformed bias. Working together towards a common goal and, ultimately, a healthier return on investment is the Spindogs difference.

See our work in action

One digital agency. Three perspectives.

In addition to introducing a key third voice to our client relationships, your audience, the power of three also drives our approach to solving your challenge. It’s ingrained throughout the business, and every project we deliver is founded on a holistic, end-to-end assessment of your operational challenges and business needs. Two-way relationships and single-channel services are so flat – we think in three dimensions…

Three-dimensional thinking

Whether you work with us in a single channel or discipline, or have engaged with us across multiple services, we never work on projects in isolation; technical advantage, marketing performance and brand strength inform our thinking at all times.


‘Full service’ means nothing if delivered as a sequence of independent activities, or you get hung up on channel or platform details. The really good stuff only happens when you think in three dimensions.

What’s your service start point?

A safe pair of hands with an eye on the bigger picture

Creativity and technical excellence should be a given from your digital agency. What makes a genuine difference to our clients are the really small things and the really big things…

Communicate effectively

Every conversation is an opportunity to learn something new or move the situation forward. Whether it’s taking the time for an extra question to better understand your objectives, or checking in with a project update, clarity of communication is core to how we operate.

Appreciate the human experience

We always have one eye on the bigger picture and the greater good, and embrace our role in shaping it. We are empathetic, consider the impact of our actions and behaviours and take pride in making a positive difference for clients.

Take ownership

No matter our role, we always lead by example. We’re not passive, and don’t bury our heads in the sand. We take ownership when things get tough. We make things happen. We say “here’s a solution” not “here’s a problem”.

No nonsense

We all want the best outcomes, and sometimes the status quo needs to be challenged. We are comfortable raising concerns, accept criticism and negotiate challenging situations with honesty to reach our shared objectives. We never hide behind jargon.

Always add value

Our industry is the natural home of the problem solver and creative thinking is always celebrated. Clients respect us because we’ve always got a new perspective to bring to the table, whether technical or experiential.

Why our clients choose us

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Dr Emily Bacon, CEIC

Spindogs have been a pleasure to work with. The development site fully meets the brief for our project. As a team, we are mostly unfamiliar with content management systems, Spindogs have taken the time to train us on how to upload and manage content effectively.

Jake Britten, DVS

Spindogs simplified what was a daunting project. They made some amazing recommendations to the brief and ensured userbility was paramount which is essential to the success of this app. I look forward to working with them on further app developments.

Lucy Cohen, Mazuma Money

We've been working with Spindogs for over a decade, so we decided to make the most of that relationship when we built the new website. They know us and our business and we felt that this relationship would help us to get through some of the more tricky parts of the build.

James Roberts, Armex Tech

The team and I at Armex Tech were blown away when we received our new brand guidelines from Rhys at Spindogs. From a few simple zoom calls and an insight of our vision and "why", they have created a stand out brand to suit our disruptive plans. Highly recommended.

Jo Rowley, Bar2

Spindogs have been an absolute joy to work with! From the very first stages, all the way through to the launch of our website, they really took the time to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve from the site - offering guidance, advice and recommendations on how to elevate both the design and functionality. No request was ever too much. The team are consistently organised, available and proactive. We couldn't have done it without you!

Ben Black, Bron Afon

We have been with Spindogs for several years and it’s been a great experience. The support team are always on the ball with any of our queries and this is very reassuring. Alongside the personal and friendly technical support, the ‘extras’ we get through their events, publications and training are a handy bonus!

Claire Grainger, Oxford University

The feedback from academics has been great as they have commented that the website is really easy to use. We are overwhelmingly happy with the end result.

Marty Bibby, The Pony Club

We wanted a website with a modern style that would engage with The Pony Club members and all our different stakeholder groups. Spindogs’ design experience was invaluable and the regular project meetings allowed us to effectively communicate feedback and ideas.

Adam Pederson, Topstak

From the get go, Spindogs came up with innovative ideas followed by a brand refresh, new website, social media strategy, SEO and even our showroom signage. We are delighted with the final product, our engagement with customers organically are at all-time highs.
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