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Our team of digital marketing experts are skilled at analysing user interactions to uncover the real reasons why your audience isn’t converting.

For example, conversion could be impacted by poor SEO, a poor layout, a lack of understanding of the purchasing journey or the brand may need a more compelling proposition from a visual and content perspective.

Discover how we can help with building traffic to your site.

But first, we need to discover the real reason you need our help.

At Spindogs, we are consultative from the outset and provide thought-provoking questions to fully understand the situation. This then enables us to dive deeper to find the cause of the problem.

Why are users landing on your website but failing to convert into customers?

  • Is there a weakness in your user journey?
  • Does the web design reflect your business today?
  • Is the content not engaging with your audience?
  • What does a good conversion rate look like in your industry?
  • What are your objectives for the next year?

A digital marketing audit

Understanding your current setup is just the start of the discovery phase, which is essential in all our projects.

Consequently, we’ve created reporting tools and dashboards to make suitable assessments through a digital marketing audit. This includes our page scoring tool which helps us to understand the value associated with each of your key pages and to make informed decisions about what to do next.

This insight also means we can manage expectations when it comes to conversion rate, as it provides evidence on how you are really performing in comparison to industry benchmarks.

We can also use heat mapping and conversion funnel analysis to make insight-led recommendations and implement A/B tests based on this understanding.

Implementing a CRO strategy to increase the number of visitors to Fritz Fryer’s website – and then convert them. We took a 360 approach to the strategy to meet ambitious targets of revenue and business growth

The best possible experience

We understand that this world is competitive, and your business needs to provide the best digital experience to get the right results. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to solving a problem like this, so we use our experience and technology to successfully reach a solution.

How can we help?