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There are many off-the-shelf systems available that promise to solve your problem or reinvent your business operations. While some may achieve 80% of your ambitions, it’s rare that they will meet your very specific needs and some compromise will be required. At Spindogs, we deliver bespoke systems with the technical capability you need as well as fitting the nuances of your business. Our team of industry experts regularly design and build transformational solutions which specifically meet the needs of our client on a global scale.

But before we get into the technical side of things, it’s important to take as step back and evaluate your current systems.

Why do you need your systems to be more efficient?

  • Are you reliant on spreadsheets to stay on top of things?
  • Do you have to manually enter data on a regular basis?
  • Is communication between teams complex or just not happening?
  • Are you struggling to achieve your short-term and long-term objectives?
Our team of digital marketing experts are skilled at analysing user interactions to uncover the real reasons why your audience isn’t converting.

Understanding user processes

Working out your efficiency gaps enable our team to look at the problem in detail so we can solve it effectively. We want to understand the user processes within an organisation so we can identify the pain points within those processes.

We have highly skilled team of system and solutions architects who can breakdown an operational challenge and then identify and create a tool which simplifies or adds a greater efficiency to your systems. We also look at an challenge from all angles and never work on projects in isolation – the magic happens when we utilise our team’s skills.

Transforming and streamlining systems to make life easier for World Squash members

By creating a bespoke system, not only have we transformed the way that users qualify as squash referees, but we have streamlined the process for the World Squash Officiating team too.

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A bespoke system for your business

Bespoke systems are unique to your business, so we can use our expertise, insight and creativity to make something that is completely yours.

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