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Draw more accurate conclusions from analytics reporting

Your data is awash with meaningful patterns, ready and waiting to inform your next marketing move. If you haven’t yet integrated analytics into your marketing strategy, how can you have a handle on what’s working and what’s not?

Analysing the right data can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s important you have the right support and tools to help you navigate what is otherwise an overwhelming volume of information. From analysing user demographic data to monitoring sources for incoming traffic, understanding the data gathered in analytics is key to informing the development of your digital marketing strategy. At Spindogs, we provide a number of analytics services, so that you can use your data to make actionable decisions.  

Reduce your business risk by making data driven decisions

  • Analytics reporting and insight
  • SEO analytics reporting
  • Trend analysis
  • Google Analytics consultancy
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“Analytics offers a great way to keep everyone aligned and focussed on the goals”

Good decisions are based on great data

Analytics provides you with the vital information about your web activity, allowing you to track an untold number of data points in relation to your audience’s activity. This insight means you can concentrate your content efforts on the platforms where your audiences are most active, increasing your reach and visibility. You can even tailor your tone of voice to suit your most popular audience, creating a customised experience that keeps users coming back for more.

Learn more from your data

Strengthen your strategy

The quality of your data is only as good as your Google Analytics (GA) installation. The more integrated your operations, the more demands you will need to make on your data. You may require enhanced ecommerce tracking to keep tabs on your conversion funnel. 

We can cross check which GA features are enabled, firing up those that should be and determining if the ones you have already deployed are working correctly. When it comes to Google Tag Manager (GTM), we can help you complete the correct installation, from creating an account to installing the container. GTM does require a level of technical knowledge to set up tags, triggers and variables, so it’s worth reaching out for support to ensure GTM is set up to track the data you want to analyse. Particularly as, the more tags and data sources you have, the harder they can be to manage. 

See the bigger picture

Once we’ve determined and implemented your trackable goals, we can display your data in an accessible dashboard, allowing you to view your most relevant KPIs and metrics in just a few clicks. A dashboard is a great way to clearly communicate your analytics data and will allow you to easily monitor the impact that your digital marketing strategy is having on your website. We can also help you get your head around filtered views, giving you the permission to control exactly what data you display in your reports.

Maintenance-free and shareable, your tailor made dashboard promotes complete transparency across the board. Shared with teams, it offers a great way to keep everyone aligned and focussed on the goals. 

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