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What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is the process of establishing your unique place in the market. Good brand positioning holistically considers your target audiences, the competitive landscape and what makes your offering different. Your positioning is often outwardly reflected in the form of brand values, a mission and/or vision statement, messaging and ultimately the application of your visual brand 

Many organisations make the mistake of addressing these in isolation and often ‘skip ahead’ to the visual brand, without establishing the fundamentals first. While smart creative can provide some visual excitement, there will likely be a lack of depth and authenticity underneath. Modern audiences are much savvier and are quick to identify with brands which have genuine purpose and superficial treatments just don’t cut it any more. We help you do things differently.

Build audience loyalty through effective brand consultancy

While many organisations have realised respectable outcomes from managing brand discovery internally, working with external brand consultants brings expertise that is difficult to replicate in-house. Whether a new brand or a rebrand, filtered through an unbiased third-party lens, we interrogate your brand and challenge your preconceptions through a tried and tested brand discovery methodology designed to inform your brand fundamentals and impact your brand presentation. 

Brand consultancy success stories

An inclusive process that breeds buy-in

Inclusion is the name of the game when it comes to brand buy-in. The most successful brand positioning projects ensure that all areas of your organisation feel represented during the process and their specific representations of the brand are considered in the outcomes 

Underpinned by a robust workshop programme, we tailor our approach to brand discovery and consider your specific project objectives. Whether internal or external, stakeholder consultation can be integrated into the workshop programme, through surveys or one-to-one interviews. Similarly, focused outcomes, such as creating a captivating tagline for your home page or naming a product or service, will be wrapped into the discovery process. 

Establishing the brand fundamentals

While new brand visuals are always an exciting stage to reach, they only truly resonate once you’ve established the fundamentals – your core purpose, your big idea, your values and value proposition. These provide the foundations from which everything else can be built. 

Gathering your fundamentals together in a Brand Blueprint, we suggest solutions for each backed up by rationale drawn from the brand discovery process. The brand fundamentals can then be augmented with project-specific deliverables such as messaging, taglines, tone of voice, employee charters, elevator pitches or even naming your product or service. 

Realising your brand vision

Backed up by a compelling set of brand fundamentals and armed with the insight gained from brand discovery, the conception of your new visual brand comes from a much richer starting point. Slick visuals and creative design solutions are a given with Spindogs, but your solution will be grounded in the unique personality traits and behaviours as defined through discovery.  

By showcasing your visual brand in action – what does it look like in print, on merchandise, in advertising, on digital – and not purely as an isolated logo or identity, we demonstrate a system in which your logo is purely a component of a greater whole. By considering a visual brand holistically it enhances each touchpoint, with your colour palette, fonts, graphic elements and logo coming together to create something that is uniquely ‘you’.  

Your brand and beyond

It’s important once the fundamentals are agreed and your visual brand is established that they become ‘yours’ as soon as possible. Living your values is crucial, and providing the keys to the brand to your team gives them ownership and buy-in. Sharing the Brand Blueprint and visual brand guidelines ensures they have visibility, but buy-in is best achieved through walking your people through the journey you’ve just taken. 

Through presentations and launch videos we can help take your team on a similar journey and allow them to ask questions and start building their own relationships with the new brand. Creating employee guides or charters helps to establish expected behaviours and the creation of flexible templates for social media, print and digital ensures that your brand will remain consistent while giving scope for individual interpretation. 

Not just a brand agency… 

Alongside our expertise in brand and creative, we can call on teams of in-house technical specialists and experienced marketers, all of which serves to create a more holistic approach to brand positioning. By incorporating copywriters or frontend developers in the discovery and visual brand processes, we can consider our outputs from all angles and ensure that our solutions are truly transformational. Whether it’s a rebrand or an entirely new brand, investing in your positioning will reap genuine benefit for years.  

Maximise your brand positioning