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Our team of brand and digital marketing experts can help as they are skilled in maximising visibility and building a brand your audience can trust.

However, before that can happen, you need to evaluate your brand values and core messaging to discover whether it is currently connecting with your audience.

As an insight-led and consultative agency, our approach is to always ask questions and never take problems at face value. This means we can fully understand the situation when a global client approaches us with a challenge.

Why does your brand need more exposure?

  • Is the brand not connecting with existing and/or new customers?
  • Are your social media channels lacking engagement?
  • Is there an inaccurate brand perception?
  • Are you ranking low in search results?
Discover how we build trust
brand discovery

Our brand discovery process

Understanding the ‘why’ of a brand plays a key role during our extensive brand discovery process, and we use interactive workshops and surveys to find the answers that’ll harness your brand’s ambition and vision.

This phase is essential to getting your brand more exposure as it enables us to take the guesswork out of decisions and make suitable assessments. We then use these findings to formulate a bespoke brand blueprint and align your business goals with a compelling brand strategy.

"The whole process from start to finish was impressive. Rebranding is not about a new logo and website, but more importantly, involving our twister team and connecting hearts and minds to our values and vision. Through the workshops Spindogs ran for us, we were delighted with the end results."

— Rachael Flanagan Managing Director and Founder of Mrs Buckét

A new era

As well as positioning the brand effectively, we can elevate it visually by building a strong underlying architecture and developing compelling brand-driven copy. We can also create a strong digital presence via social, SEO and email marketing to ensure the brand is visible to the right audience.

Our projects are never treated in insolation and instead we prefer three-dimensional thinking; harnessing our technical advantage, marketing performance and brand strength to inform our thinking and take your brand to the next level.

Let’s start this journey together