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Become housing digital champions

Lagging behind other industries when it comes to housing digital innovation can be hugely frustrating. Opting to do things differently can be a daunting challenge. 

Building a tenant-centered digital solution can mean that repair gets fixed on time, rent balances are displayed at the swipe of a finger, and answers can be found without having to pick up the phone. In the case of housing associations, digital isn’t only about a new website. It opens the door to better internal operations, more effective communication with tenants and drives efficiencies through closer operational relationships.

Spindogs has helped some of the UK’s front running housing associations overcome individual challenges and get ahead. Together, we’ve eased pressure points, given tenants the ability to self-serve, initiated cost savings, better utilised resources and streamlined tenant journeys.

Our clients include Bron Afon, Linc Cymru and United Welsh.  

"We have been with Spindogs for several years and it’s been a great experience. The support team are always on the ball with any of our queries and this is very reassuring. Alongside the personal and friendly technical support, the ‘extras’ we get through their events, publications and training are a handy bonus!”

— Ben Black Bron Afon

Why housing association clients put their trust in us

Enabling your housing digital future

Accelerating the use of digital across the social housing sector has never been more pressing. We thrive at working at pace, delivering secure and scalable web infrastructure that goes hand-in-hand with your brand story to drive your digital performance. 

Data dependents

Our ability to delve into data, means that we take the guesswork out of your digital strategy and drive decisions that will ensure your get results from the onset. We understand the value of insight, and insist on letting it lead the way. Our bespoke data studio dashboard goes far beyond the standard Google Analytics reporting, using filters, segments and reports to help you quickly visualise your data and keep a close eye on the most important metrics at all times.

Getting accessibility right

We are advocates of enhancing your online accessibility. A great user experience (UX) can not only result in increased efficiencies, but also save costs and bolster your reputation. Not to mention its ability to deliver more meaningful experiences to your customers, alongside new forms of innovation and value creation. This includes reaching new levels of personalisation, through portal interfaces, email automation and language preferences. 

Our experience includes: responsive website design and build, CRM integration, optimising UI & UX, brand image, online transactions, employee and customer portals, postcode finders, streamlined customer communications, integrated RSS feeds, bespoke form builders and bilingual capacity.

The opportunities that exist once a housing association has defined a digital strategy can be huge. In our whitepaper, we present to you some key pointers for those thinking of using digital to combat current challenges along with how Spindogs helped to digitally transform the work our clients do.

Download our whitepaper here