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You know what you want your marketing to achieve but how to you get there? A digital marketing strategy provides clear direction and enables you to set out defined goals. But the big questions is, where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy?

It’s a common challenge since many businesses know how vital digital is for acquiring and retaining customers however they don’t have a plan to grow and engage with their audience effectively.

Here are 5 big reasons you need a marketing strategy:

  1. You are marketing on digital channels but don’t have a clear strategic goal
  2. You don’t know the role your website and digital activity plays in acquiring and retaining customers
  3. You don’t know your online audience or what makes them tick
  4. Not enough people are taking profitable action on your website
  5. You are not optimising digital campaigns through testing and improvement

What are the challenges of creating an online marketing strategy?

The challenge for most businesses when developing an online marketing plan is knowing where to start. There are lots of resources out there that look more like corporate business plans than actionable marketing strategies, giving the impression that reports packed with forecasting and data analysis are required. These reports have a place, but they can be impractical for fast growing businesses and agile teams. We recommend starting small with two or three sides of A4 that link your online marketing to your business strategy, and set clear, measurable goals for success.

Another challenge for businesses is the sheer volume and scope of the digital marketing landscape. There are lots of great online marketing channels out there, from pay-per-click (PPC) to social media advertising, and email marketing to target every touch point of the customer journey. However, each channel comes with its own playbook of tactics for success which are constantly changing and challenging for marketers to adapt to, ranging from email automation to programmatic search advertising and the different types of search engine optimisation.

“A successful strategy weighs up the channels and tactics on offer and prioritises where their target audience are most likely to be active”

If you want to know about creating and planning the ultimate (and effective) online marketing strategy read our white paper here

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