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Have you ever wondered what we mean when we talk about dedicated hosting servers, and what the impact is for your organisation? Out resident server support, Steve Tozer, explains the nuances…

Why you should choose a dedicated server

A dedicated server is a physical server, usually rented from a dedicated server provider, that a person or company use exclusively for their hosting needs. Choosing this type of infrastructure means you have your ‘own’ physical server instead of a virtual server that is shared with potentially hundreds of other users on the same physical server.

Here are 5 of the primary reasons why you should consider choosing a dedicated server:

1. Overall better performance

A dedicated server provides exclusive, dedicated platform with no contention of resources. It’s dedicated to you and you alone. This means your dedicated server will give better performance and faster applications than a cloud server.

A cloud or shared server’s resources are shared between all the users on that particular server. Cloud servers are designed to offer you more storage and virtual resources, instead of providing efficient resources. If it’s a high performing hosting solution you’re looking to set up, a dedicated server is a better choice.

2. Cost effective

A dedicated server is the most cost effective option and the best value for money in the long term. Cloud servers appear cheaper than a dedicated server, but a dedicated server will offer much more in the way of resources and the number of clients that you can serve at any one time.

Your dedicated server provider will handle everything from maintaining the network to supplying and maintaining the server hardware. As you are renting the server from the provider, they are also responsible for resolving any issues if something goes wrong.

3. Ability to customise hardware to business requirements

When choosing a dedicated server, you can customise the hardware to your specification. Whether it’s more RAM, extra hard disk space or even faster CPU, all hardware is customisable. Moreover, if you need more resources in the future, you can contact your server provider and request an upgrade to suit growing business needs.

4. Flexible usage

Dedicated servers can be used for a number of different applications, as they are very flexible. The most common use for a dedicated server is to run a web hosting environment, while other applications include database storage and access, custom virtualisation setups, VPNs, email servers and more.

5. Better security

Your dedicated server is for your use only as the name aptly suggests. With a cloud server, the server is shared between all the clients that reside on that particular physical server, and consequently you are not the only user who is able to log into the server, this increases the risk of data loss, infiltration and interception. In other words, your data is much safer on a dedicated server than it is on a cloud server.


If you want to find out how to get your own dedicated server, or find out more about the other web services we can provide you with, get in touch with our support team today and we’ll be happy to help!

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