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What it’s like to be a support team hero

Here at Spindogs we experience first-hand how much back-and-forth between a client and agency is required to maintain good relationships and ensure everything is running smoothly. That’s why we are able to appreciate the great work our Support Team carry out daily, from keeping our clients happy and providing the backbone carrying the weight of our growing client base once projects have gone live.

This month we caught up with Kirsty, one of our friendly Support Team heroes, and bribed her with coffee to spill the beans on what a day in the life of Spindogs Support looks like. Here’s the scoop:

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What is your role at Spindogs?

The Support Team is the first point of contact for clients once their sites go live. Whenever anyone wants anything changed or has any questions for us, they can be sent our way! (Although some of our clients go through a transition period of contacting our Account Managers or Project Managers).

The work of the Support Team can be described as putting out fires everywhere – we do a range of things, from testing sites before they go live (making sure all forms are working properly, configuring Google Analytics, so tracking can start immediately, checking site speed, etc.) to booking maintenance tasks with our developers and generally making sure sites are working as they should.

What do you like most about working at Spindogs?

The people! We have some great clients who are always a pleasure to talk to, as well as the Spindogs team as a whole. Our office environment is great – the open plan, the music in the background and the super friendly team members make Spindogs HQ feel like a home away from home!

What’s more, no two days are the same – we regularly come across things we’ve never encountered before, which is both challenging and exciting. And, as we take on more projects, we get to speak to new people all the time!

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How would you describe the Spindogs experience?

It’s fast paced and a bit of a wild ride, with every day bringing new experiences, but at the same time the atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed, so it never feels like a chore coming into work in the morning!

Our fancy dress client parties are always great fun – not only do we get to be creative and dress up, but we also get to interact with clients in a relaxed atmosphere and build even stronger relationships with them as a result.

What are three key elements of the support team’s daily life?

  1. Lots of film and TV talk – Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are often main topic of conversation in our room.
  2. Dozens of cups of tea and coffee (and it’s always a big round!)
  3. Chatting with clients

How would you describe the Support Team in three words?

Intense! Fun – all the members of the team are fun to talk to and be around. Versatile – no two days are ever the same.

What is the most valuable skill you have acquired since joining the Support Team?

Patience – I’ve improved my communication and people skills, so now I’m able to field complaints efficiently and maintain good relations with all our clients.

What is your favourite social media channel and why?

Instagram, because it’s quite simple and to the point, as it’s mostly just pictures. Whereas I feel on Facebook and Twitter, the oversaturation of news feeds can often mean you miss things out easily.

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Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

I love baking massive brownies on the weekend, and experimenting with different flavours – so far the best one has been the chocolate orange batch. I should bake some of these and bring them into work!*

*We’re holding you up to this, Kirsty! 🙂

Make sure to say hello to the lovely Kirsty next time you’re visiting Spindogs HQ!

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