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Having worked closely with entrepreneur Simon Llewellyn, since 2011, we were certainly rooting for him from our sofa cushions last night as he pitched for investment on BBC’s Dragons’ Den from Dragons, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Nick Jenkins, Sarah Willingham and Touker Suleyman for his hot sauce company Hot Diggidy Dog.

Although the Dragons didn’t commit to any investment, they appeared to be very taken with the Hot Diggidy Dog products and entertained by the brand’s story.

Inspired by hot sauce connoisseur, sausage dog Earl, we built the striking Hot Diggidy Dog brand, designed and produced eye-catching packaging, POS materials and built an entertaining mobile-friendly website.

The brand story is relayed through the voice of Simon’s sidekick Earl, whose cheeky personality is a key component when it comes to marketing Hot Diggidy Dog’s range of chilli sauces.

It was great to see that the Hot Diggidy Dog branding met the Dragons approval, and our creations aired on BBC 2. Already party to several commercial successes having already signed distribution contracts with major retailers Tesco and Asda and the Ministry of Defence, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Simon on his Dragon’s Den appearance and for keeping his cool during what must have been a very intense experience.

Why not follow the adventures of Earl and keep up with the latest Hot Diggidy Dog developments as they unfold following their Dragons Den appearance?


Article originally written as part of Nuance & Fathom’s portfolio.

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