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1. YouTube reveal their multi view service

The video sharing channel YouTube announced an exciting new feature this month that will change the way we view videos. They have introduced Multi View, a service that allows users to choose between four different camera angles whilst watching a video. Currently this is only being used on one video from YouTube star Madilyn Bailey, and is a great example of how it works. Although some of the transitions between cameras are a bit jittery it does feel like the user is directing their own video.

Madilyn might be the first test partner, but other YouTubers can join in with the fun if they film their videos using a 360-degree camera. Watch this space!

Try it yourself on Madilyn’s YouTube channel.


Credit: Instagram @GETPEBBLE

2. Pebble plan to build a second smartwatch

Pebble have sold more than one million Pebble watches and it looks like this is only the beginning. For their first smartwatch Pebble reached out to crowdfunding website Kickstarter with great success, and have now decided to return to the website for help developing their second version.

It has been reported that Pebble’s second smartwatch will try and solve concerns regarding display visibility in different lighting conditions, have seven days of battery life and contain a microphone.

3. Blackberry users drop to below one million

In recent years Blackberry have fallen behind in the competitive smartphone market as they struggle to keep up with Apple’s iPhone and Android devices.

According to eMarketer, Blackberry now has a mere 700,000 users in the UK, a massive drop from the 8 million people who used their smartphones in 2012. This has not been a quick downfall however, as Blackberry suffered many setbacks in the past three years, including hardware failures and delays in the release of their new operating system.

4. Twitter partners with Barclays to make bank payments

Our Twitter handles can start conversations with the world, and now they will have the power to send payments to whoever we wish. This innovative idea has been implemented by Barclays, the first British bank to take the leap into using social media for payments.

This service is made possible through an app called Pingit, which allows Twitter users to send secure payments to individuals and small businesses, bringing together a social and digital experience. Barclays have stressed the importance of their customer’s security, stating that the transactions are carried out through the app and not directly through Twitter.

london fashion week

Credit: Instagram @Topshop

5. London fashion week shines on social media

This February, London Fashion Week was more than just about great style. Since 2010, when the event streamed shows online for the first time, LFW has been keen to use technology to bring the catwalk to life. This year social media channels were used extensively across many fashion houses, including Burberry, Topshop and Hunter.

They all encouraged their audience to participate in the shows by tweeting hashtags, taking pictures or watching the event on huge screens across the country. LFW has never been so accessible, and for the first time anyone could feel like they were sitting on the front row.

For more information about tech at London Fashion Week read our blog post! 

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