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The arrival of spring usually marks the beginning of refresh season – new haircuts, more colourful clothes, and of course, The Spring Clean. For most people tasked with looking after their home cleanliness, this signifies setting aside a day for the laborious deep cleaning of your house and getting all the tasks you’ve been putting off done.

Here at Spindogs, we clearly live in the digital world, so for us a spring clean means helping our clients refresh their websites and make sure they are as ready for the novelty and excitement summer brings as the people who run them.

We’ve put together five simple suggestions that will give your site a well-deserved spring clean (and you’d be happy to know they are not nearly as laborious as their home cleaning counterparts):

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Keep your content fresh

One of the key tricks to keeping your site looking current – not just in spring but all-year-round – is making sure that your blog posts are not outdated. Failing to maintain an up-to-date homepage and blog content gives customers the impression that the entire site is not current and therefore indicates an overall lack of care and attention.

Browse through your site and take note of the last time a blog or news article was uploaded – if it was over a month ago, perhaps that’s an indication that you need to make sure you and your team have a content strategy in place to update news or blog content at least twice each month. That way your blog won’t appear dusty and overlooked!

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Give your case studies a polish

Similar to your blog section, if your website features a case study section, it’s good practice to keep it regularly updated with fresh content – if your latest post has been updated a while ago, it might (wrongfully) send a message to customers that your business is no longer available.

Putting together current case studies not only gives you the opportunity to have a productive discussion with new clients and get their feedback on the work you’ve done with them, but it also showcases the most recent projects you’ve been working on to your site visitors, and enables them to get a feel for how you add value.

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Declutter your social life

Amongst the common pitfalls companies experience when promoting their social media channels as part of their marketing strategy is having too many channels and not enough content.

Instead of having a link to your YouTube channel in your footer despite the fact that you’ve hardly ever upload any videos, it’s a good idea to stick to the mantra that less is more and only include links to the social media you actually use.

(NOTE: a presence on many social channels is beneficial for search purposes, but only promote the ones you’re active on)

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Clean up your team page

Customers visit your team page so they can get an idea of the people they are going to be working with, and the overall feel of the company. That’s why it’s essential that your team page shows exactly who’s working in the company – making sure it reflects people leaving the business or new starters serves to accurately portray the personality of the team and the company core values.

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Dust off your Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to stay on top of your visitor statistics – data on audience engagement, the number of visitors and the pages they view and what they do when they’re on them, is a very valuable tool when it comes to putting together a successful digital marketing strategy. So don’t leave your GA on the back shelf – checking it regularly will provide you with important insight into the types of channels, content, products and services you should be focusing your marketing efforts on.


If you think you could use a hand with spring cleaning your site, get in touch and our team will be happy to help! We offer Google Analytics training as well as a content generation service in case you need help creating more blog posts and case studies. You can also request a free digital audit if you’d like us to evaluate whether your website or social media platforms are working as well as they could be!

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