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Since its launch in October 2000, Google Adwords has come a long way. During the past few years, Google has launched a number of Ad Extensions to allow advertisers to  make their adverts more compelling and appealing.  More often than not, new ad extensions will be launched with very little promotion, meaning that advertisers may not be fully aware of what is available to the, with that in mind, here are some of our favourite Ad Extensions at Spindogs HQ and how they could be right for you.

Call extensions:

Adwords Call Extensions
Previously known as “click to call”, this extensions allows you to include a phone number in your ads, so users can call you directly, without having to click through to your website first.
You can choose to display your own telephone number, or a Google forwarding number which will allow you track the amount of calls received.

Sitelink extensions:

Adwords Sitelink Extension
This is arguably the most well known and most used extension, they simply let you include links to other pages on your website, in addition to your adverts’ main landing page.
Due to the amount of additional space your advert will gain from using this extension, you are almost guaranteed to increase your CTR.

Location extensions:

Adwords Location Extension
Location extensions help local businesses display their business address and phone number within the ad text, which can have a huge increase in your CTR.  Google has reported that this extension may actually increase a CTR by up to 10%!
This is easy to set up – you can connect your Google Places account or manually add an address.  The extensions can appear in search results as well as on Google maps and the display network.
Some companies (such as those with multiple stores) will want to display all their nearby locations, which is also possible with the ‘multiple addresses’ extension. You can show as many relevant locations in your ad which will in turn dramatically increased your CTR and potentially your conversions.

Social extensions:

Adwords Social Extension
By linking your Google+ page to your Adwords account, you can show the +1s that your page has received, which can make it more appealing to those who are presented with Google’s search results.
If you have been building a following on your Google+ page, this extension is worth experimenting with.

Email extensions:

Adwords E-mail Extension

First released in 2012, the e-mail extension allows you to include an e-mail sign up box in your advert, which is great if you are looking to build up a list of subscribers that you can market to at a later date.

Offer extensions:

Adwords Offer Extension

If you have a special promotion this extension could be just what your looking for!  Your offer will appear like a sitelink, but will say “view offer”, which will take the user to a Google landing page where they can either print or save the offer.

This extension is great for increasing your ads CTR and can be used with a wide range of offer types such as free postage, downloads, consultation and multi buy deals.

Seller rating extensions:

Adwords Seller Review Extension

The Seller Ratings Extensions allows you to attach your star rating from Google Shopping, having a good star rating will reassure potential customers that you are trustworthy, which in turn will have a positive impact on your adverts CTR and your website conversion rate.

App extensions:

This extension is relatively new and is ideal for app sellers to increase traffic (and conversions) for their app. It allows SmartPhone users to click an extension in your ad and directly download the app from the iTunes or Google Play Store. If the user already has the app, the extension allows you to deep link into the application.


Are you currently managing your own Adwords campaign, but think you could be getting more for your money? Or are you interested in seeing what Adwords can do for you or your business?  If so, get in touch with us below – we’d love to talk to you.

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