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Hootsuite is a brand management service which helps you to manage your social media presence, and the system will allow you to collaboratively execute campaigns across several social media platforms.

On the basic Hootsuite package you can manage up to 5 social media platforms at any one time, in one easy to manage dashboard. The great thing with Hootsuite is that you can access your dashboard from your desktop, mobile or tablet!

Hootsuite makes it really easy to monitor your twitter lists, meaning you can find and interact with those you want to, much more quickly.  You are also able to schedule posts, a great tool if you often forget to post to social media, as you can schedule a number of tweets at the same time! Be careful when you are scheduling tweets, as it may be the case that you will need to be on hand to respond to those who reply to you!

You may already know that you should be shrinking your links in your posts; this will both save on the number of characters and keep your posts looking neat and attractive. Link shrinking is another great feature that Hootsuite has to offer, this functionality is built into the dashboard and also provides a link monitor to let you know which of your links were the most popular!

If you are familiar with Klout, you are able to find out someone’s Klout score by clicking on their name in the Hootsuite dashboard! If you would like more information on Klout check out Olivia’s Vlog.

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