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The true beginning of the smartphone can be debated over and over, but it’s fair to say that Apple’s introduction of the iPhone in 2007 is likely to go down as the definitive start point for our mobile obsession.

A lot has happened since then, too. We’ve adopted Android, said howdy to tablets and scrolled a distance of five miles on our touchscreens each year. The point is mobile matters, and while many companies have made the transition to a responsive website, large numbers are still missing out on business opportunities.

So why change now, if not before? The truth is, there has never been a better time to make the jump to mobile – here are key reasons why:


We’ve previously touched on this topic, but it’s as relevant as ever – Google now prioritises the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. That’s a pretty big deal, considering nine out of 10 UK adults now have a handheld computer in their pocket every day!

Before the smartphone boom, many of us would make the safe call when looking for a product, but Google and mobile together have given us the reigns to explore new possibilities as consumers – anytime, anywhere.

That’s proven by recent findings which reveal that 51% of people say they’ve discovered a new company or product through mobile search, with 57% more likely to visit a store after searching on their device.

Putting it simply, it’s good reason for companies and brands to invest in a mobile-friendly website!


If you’re a seller, mobile can’t be missed. Smaller screens became the place to buy in 2016, with over half of all online UK sales found to have been completed on smartphones or tablets, overtaking computers for the very first time and jumping immensely from 2010’s measly rate of 3%.

Increases can also be found in mobile window shopping and spending, with two-thirds of eCommerce views coming from a device instead of a laptop or desktop, and mobile shoppers spending an average of 55% more than regular online shoppers. It’s a trend we’ll see continue throughout 2017 and beyond – and one which highlights the importance of well-optimised sites on mobile.


While far too many companies are still yet to take the mobile plunge, we’re happy to discover that a majority are treating 2017 as the year for change. A whopping 70% are planning to transform their businesses and digital presence for the sake of mobile – and it’s fair to say that the remaining 30% shouldn’t want to be left behind!


If you’ve searched for a news story recently, you may come across articles which load faster than a website would through your super duper mega ultra fibre wire broadband at home. That’s an Accelerated Mobile page or AMP for short.

Perfect for articles and blogs, it’s a new method of mobile optimised content which focuses on the key content and puts it in front of the user’s eyes instantly. It’s a huge plus, considering 70% of users admit to leaving a mobile site if it doesn’t load quickly!

Backed by Google, we’re likely to see continued support for AMP in the future, so we would recommend including it in your future web build – something our developers would be happy to help out with!

If you’re considering a mobile-friendly website or aren’t quite sure if your current website is optimised as best as it could possibly be, our team at Spindogs would be happy to provide a free audit and advice – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!