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Christmas time brings many traditions, from mince pies to Christmas pudding, carols to festive woolly jumpers. Another big tradition is the many Christmas ad’s that entertain us all in between re-runs of classic festive films and the big soaps. We asked some of the Spindogs team what their favourite Christmas advert was, and this is what they picked.

Our account manager Olivia Farrell chose this ad by Guinness, a company known for their quality TV adverts:

“My favourite Christmas ad has to be the Guinness one. Every year when it comes on the TV, you know that Christmas is coming! Along with the Christmas feel, it showcases locations around Dublin and other parts of Ireland beautifully – as an Irish person, it makes you proud and gives you an emotional connection with the product.”


Charlotte Cook our marketing assistant couldn’t decide between these two adverts:

“So my all-time favourite is the John Lewis Snowman Ad! I think it’s really heart-warming and is subtly shows the themes of love/family and the idea of giving at Christmas. I think is shows the image that everyone has of Christmas, especially with snow and it being cold! It gives the festive feel and makes you want to snuggle up with a duvet with your family drinking hot chocolate.


“However my favourite funny ad this year was the Vodafone Turkey advert! I think it’s funny, original and in previous years it sees that adverts with animal’s works. It puts an alternative spin on the typical advert and it also has its own hashtag #TerrytheTurkey. I liked it because I didn’t know which company it was for and had to watch it the whole way through to see who it was and I feel it didn’t try and play on the sad and hearting wrenching themes and stories… it was trying to be funny!”


Our Online Marketing Manager Jon Walker picked a classic from over 30 years ago:

“My favourite would be the classic Toys R Us advert which aired in the late 80’s. It would have been the soundtrack to Christmas’ for everybody who is now the wrong side of 30, when that advert came on the TV you knew that it was time to start harassing your parents for the latest Teenage Mutant Turtles & WWF figures!”


Claire Swindell is our account director and picked two great adverts by Sainsbury’s:

“My faves are Sainsbury’s, both last year and this year. They are great at telling a story and getting you to feel emotional about that story, last year’s was poignant and this year’s funny.”


Tom Deacon is our Front of House at Spindogs and chose a John Lewis advert:

“My all-time favourite is the John Lewis ad from 2011. I think it’s really touching, and it shows that a big part of Christmas is about giving. I love the cover of The Smiths song too!”


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