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Being somebody who blogs and encourages others to do so, I have often been frustrated at the lack of quality imagery that can be used (legally!) to compliment the post.Although you may well have budget for ongoing photography and image use, many website owners and bloggers simply do not. Stock Imagery can quite often become costly, editorial based imagery even more so – meaning that more often than not, you can’t use the type of imagery that you would like to.Thankfully, Getty Images have changed that by making a large amount of their images (a reported 40 million) available for you to embed…for free! If you are not familiar with Getty Images, they are essentially the leaders in creative and editorial imagery. Take a look at your favourite news website; chances are they using photography from Getty Images.Getty Images revealed that they have partly taken this approach from the fact that so many small publishers and bloggers are using their images without licensing them commercially anyway.
This is great news for website owners and bloggers, with so many images available, just about every topic is covered. There are some slight draw backs – you don’t save the image itself, so you can’t crop or edit them. You can’t remove the image’s link or credit either.How to Embed Getty Images On Your Website Or Blog:Go to and search for the type of image you are looking for, unfortunately (at the moment), there isn’t an option to only search for embeddable images, but with so many available, it shouldn’t be too much of a chore to find one you like.For my example, I have chosen to search for an image of Craig BellamyThe images available to embed will have this symbol next to the image preview < / >

Browsing Getty Images

You can click on the image for a larger preview and then click the < / > embed icon. You’ll also see twitter and tumblr shortcuts to allow for quick sharing on those platforms.

Once you have clicked the embed icon, you’ll see a small piece of iframe code which you can then enter into the html view of your CMS’ editor.

Embed Getty Images

In your Spindogs CMS, look for the icon that says “HTML” in the middle row of your text editor. Paste the code where you would like the image to appear and press “update”. (This will also apply to many other CMS’)

An embedded Getty image:

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