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Your website is the shop window of your business so it’s important that it is regularly kept up to date and reflects what your business has to offer. As a company it’s important that you are promoting yourselves to the best of your ability and producing the content that your clients are looking for. This is key to staying ahead of your competition and making sure that your site is the best out there.  Here at Spindogs we see different websites day in day out and feel strongly that every business should be regularly conducting their own website reviews and here are our top 5 reasons why:

Stay up to date

Your prospective customers are likely to shop around before choosing you as their supplier, so staying ahead of your competitors is key. If the content on your website appears out of date then it can place doubt in the mind of the visitor that your work methods or industry knowledge may be out of date as well.  The quickest way to highlight how current you are is through blog posts, your social media channels and by keeping your service related pages up to date. Make sure you are using Google analytics to identify your most viewed pages and posts and this will help you determine what your clients want to read about and help you plan future content. Remember that not all activity needs to be spontaneous. Create a content calendar, be prepared and be the best!

Social media is changing, you need to too

Whether it is the latest Instagram filter or video tool on Twitter, Social media is changing. It is vital to keep up to date with the latest trends and to make sure that your social media is kept up to date regularly. People want to engage with interesting content, so whether that’s informative industry news, what your team has been up to or a recent client win, we want to know about it regularly! This is key if you showcase your social media feeds on your homepage, as no one wants to read about something you did 3 years ago.

We want to know about you

Your team page is a key page on your website as it is how people get to know the business and who they will be working with. We find that it is one of the most viewed pages on many websites so it is important that it is always kept up to date. Many of your team will rarely meet clients in person but will speak on the phone and email them regularly. Let your clients know a little bit more about your staff with some interesting facts, photos and a little bit of background knowledge. It is vital that this is up to date so that people believe your team is trustworthy… if you aren’t updating your team page, how will someone know if the person that they are speaking to is legit?

Keep the search engines happy

Search engines like to see new content on your website and if you want to appear in the search results you have to offer them what they want. By regularly producing new content, blogs and white papers, you are giving your website the best chance of being found through organic search. Saying this, make sure you are not constantly re-producing the same content over and over again. We want to see new and engaging content to maximise your chances of being found!

Everyone can do with a makeover once in a while

Everyone needs a bit of a refresh every once in a while and it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds!  A brand is much more than a logo or a colour scheme. A brand is the association that people have with your product, service or team.  With this in mind, sometimes a little refresh is all you need to keep your brand up to date and to reflect your current business.  Make sure you are chatting to your team and clients regularly to find out whether you are reflecting all your core messages and values in the best way possible! For more information on what a refresh involves check out Jon’s article in BARK.

Here at Spindogs we have just launched a new offering – a Free Website Review! So if you don’t have time to review your website yourself we can do it for you!  This review will include a physical review of your website’s appearance as well as looking at your analytics and finding out what is going on behind the scenes! If this is something that you would like to try with your website fill in the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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