Capital Law

They help others succeed.

Spindogs services? 

  • WordPress Website
  • Discovery - we held workshops with their Directors/Central Services Team/Team Representatives
  • Research 
  • Stakeholder Mapping 
  • User Journey Planning 
  • Content Mapping 
  • Wireframing & Front End Creative 
  • User Testing 
  • Front End Development 
  • Back End Development & CMS Integration 
  • Reporting Setup & Configuration
  • SEO pre-flight


Capital Law is a commercial law firm.

From their base in Wales, they work nationally and internationally with businesses of all sizes – from large corporations to those just starting up – across the private, public, and third sectors.

Capital Law’s lawyers provide all the legal services clients need to run their business smoothly and will fight for them when it’s the right thing to do.

Ultimately, they have one purpose: to help you succeed.


The team at Capital Law approached us in 2018 to build them a new website with a few key objectives in mind, they needed a website that was more flexible for them, it had to have cleaner and clearer services listings with direct contacts per service and a team page that could also include the wider team.

The drive for the new website was primarily driven by a change to their branding and they needed something up-to-date that reflected who they now are as a business.

We also replicated the site for Capital Law’s consulting and training business, Capital People.


We started the kick-off process by holding multiple Discovery Workshops with Capital Law’s Directors, Central Services Team and Team Representatives. The outcomes of these workshops fed into a Technical Specification document which became the blueprint for the new site map and web layouts.

From there, our team did meticulous research, stakeholder mapping (to get a representation of all the people who can influence the project and how they are connected), user journey planning, wire-framing and content mapping to get the project underway. We decided that WordPress would be the appropriate platform for this project.

We worked with Capital Law’s branding agency to develop a new look and feel for the website that was cohesive with their designs and how the website would function.

In the development stages of the project, we created a bespoke tagging system so the Capital Law team would be able to tag News and Careers posts to automatically display on the relevant service and sector pages.

We designed the team page to accommodate more people by adding the filters for Service/Position and A to Z. It had originally only included senior members of staff so the new design really allowed an understanding of the vastness of the Capital Law team.

We also performed user testing, front and back end development along with CMS integration, reporting set up and configuration and an SEO launch before the site went live.