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Tackle keyword competition with confidence

Both at times of great stress, such as launching a new website, or as part of the daily channel management routine, your decisions make or break your marketing success.
  • Decisions about what content to invest your time in.
  • Decisions about which keywords to target.
  • Decisions about which competitor is worth paying attention to.

While your marketing instincts will ensure your decisions are more informed than most, it’s also hard to disagree that supporting those instincts with data will not only evidentially enhance your decisions but provide you with a strong foundation from which to develop successful long-term strategies.

Unlike traditional keyword research methods, which are typically reliant on a single source of data, are limited to what you input yourself and where search volume is the only metric on which to base a decision, the Spindogs approach is much more holistic and is of significantly greater value.

Turn competitor benchmarking into keyword ideas 

Informing your keyword opportunity scores, our keyword benchmarking and page scoring tool includes competitor benchmarking and gap analysis, keyword difficulty, topic grouping, backlink profiling and more. And, while you can quickly choose one of our recommended keywords, the depth of data and filtering range enables you to deep dive and explore more keyword options, devise new content themes and interrogate competitor activity and performance on a different level to what has come before. 

Benchmark competitor keywords and website visibility

Avoid isolating your marketing and SEO strategy from the marketplace and instead develop long-term strategies based on gap analysis and benchmarking. Our approach to keyword research ensures you have competitive data such as domain authority, backlink profile, keyword density and competition, and destination URLs from which to maximise your impact and set realistic targets. 

Content ideas for content creators

Understanding how your audience is searching, what is driving them to your site, current page performance and, crucially, the content your competitors are providing, is invaluable for content creators. Our keyword benchmarking and page scoring tool enables you to inform niche blog content, improve existing service pages, or target new landing pages with confidence. 

Inform Google ads keywords

Search optimisation isn’t just about organic ranking – paid search should be an integral part of your search marketing mix. Our approach to keyword research helps to balance quick PPC keyword wins with longer term organic SEO objectives through identification of low-competition, high value terms. 

The SEO keyword dashboards have been invaluable in guiding our digital marketing strategy. The tools not only track and showcase the results of our efforts but also pinpoint new opportunities, allowing us to make informed decisions for maximum impact.

— Alice Line, Digital Marketing Manager Europe - DS Smith Packaging & Recycling Division

Identify top and underperforming content through detailed SEO research

Alongside its powerful keyword selection tools, our keyword benchmarking and page scoring tool also puts page performance in the spotlight, identifying which pages are worth investing in, where additional backlinks may be required or if there are any errors or internal competition that needs resolving. Perfect for auditing your content as part of a website migration strategy or to develop your next content plan, considered page scoring makes identifying your next steps effortless. 

See our SEO services in action

Keyword data elevated through SEO expertise

While the possibilities driven by data may be incredibly exciting, we’re also aware that data in isolation can be overwhelming. Don’t fear, our experts will walk you through your dashboard, explain what the data means, and provide guidance and recommendations on how to leverage it as part of your SEO, content and paid search strategies.   

As data doesn’t stand still, regular quarterly or biannual reviews – whether standalone or as part of a regular outsourced marketing service – also help you to stay on top of changing performance, enabling you to adapt and refine your strategies.

Make keyword research work harder for you