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Bespoke systems built around you

A bespoke system is typically a custom-made web application designed and built to meet your specific needs and requirements. In a competitive business environment, a bespoke system can give you the edge and help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Developing a bespoke web application can be a complex and challenging process, and a reliable and experienced systems consultant is crucial.  

With years of experience designing and building bespoke systems for some of the world’s biggest brands, Spindogs will guide you through the process, working closely with you to determine the exact specifications of your system, including the features, functionality, and architecture. Building a deep understanding of your business processes, objectives, and goals, Spindogs will also help you evaluate your existing systems and identify any potential problems or gaps that need to be addressed. 

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Drive game-changing productivity and efficiency gains with bespoke systems design

For many industries, an off-the-shelf solution simply does not exist, and where pre-packaged options are available, they are often compromised by out-of-date technology, lack of breadth or lack of focus. The benefits of developing a system architecture from scratch are huge, and for our clients have been genuinely game-changing. Discover how we drove Cadw membership growth through bespoke membership management system design.

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The Spindogs approach to bespoke web applications:

Customisable systems design

If your team responds to gamification, then let’s build it with that in mind; if you prefer to visualise data, then let’s take a more graphic approach. Bespoke systems are tailored to meet your specific needs, so you can have exactly what you need to support your business processes and achieve your goals. 

Bespoke systems are scalable and reactive

Bespoke systems are designed to be scalable, so you can grow and evolve your system as your business grows and evolves. Most organisations develop an initial minimum viable product and continue to iterate and add functionality over many years and phases, as additional opportunities, challenges and technologies become apparent. 

Integrated systems architecture

Bespoke systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and tools – from CRM or ERP to analytics and raw data – so you can minimise downtime during the transition, maximise the flow of data and speed-up onboarding and familiarisation. 

Secure and supported

Bespoke systems are designed with security in mind, so you can ensure that your data and information are protected from cyber threats. In addition to a dedicated project manager, our Support team are on hand to provide reactive day-to-day systems support once launched, while our Business Partner team will work proactively with you to map out what’s next for your bespoke system. 

Holistic systems consultancy

Our philosophy of three-dimensional thinking is also integrated into our approach to systems consultancy and bespoke systems design. Ensuring your new system not only aligns with, but reinforces your brand is key, as is marketing performance. From UX analysis to analytics implementation, we bake both creative and digital marketing expertise into our systems design process. 

Are you ready for dramatic digital transformation?

Developing a new web application can be a complex and challenging process, but is an invaluable investment and the first step on the journey to digital transformation. Your new bespoke system can support and enhance your business processes, drive efficiency and productivity or deliver actionable business intelligence. Our systems consultants work closely with you to define and design the system architecture, develop a detailed project plan, and ensure that the system is delivered on time and within budget, leaving you confident that your system is secure, scalable, and integrated with your existing systems. 

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