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User experience consultancy built on results

As technology continues to advance and shape the way we interact with digital devices, the importance of user experience (UX) has become increasingly vital for businesses. A well-designed and user-friendly website, app, or software can help companies attract and retain customers, increase engagement and conversions, and boost brand image. As an expert UX agency, Spindogs will diagnose your issues, suggest actionable solutions and make a real difference.

Work with a UX agency and take advantage of best practice expertise

UX starts with your audience, and you will know them better than we ever could. However, working with an unbiased third party of experts will enable your assumptions to be interrogated, and recommendations and decisions to be made based on data and best practice rather than personal opinion or individual preference. 

With services ranging from a single-page UX audit with instantly actionable recommendations, to user testing and focus groups spanning multiple workshops, interviews and prototyping, Spindogs supports UX improvement from start to finish. Taking advantage of dedicated tools and methodology such as heatmapping and A/B testing, we combine an understanding of your audience’s objectives and experiences to streamline user journeys, simplify navigation and elevate the user interface to measurable effect. 

Additionally, we are strong accessibility advocates, with all of our sites meeting single A W3 WCAG standards. We work with our clients determine the most appropriate application of standards in both new sites and retrospectively. Whether balancing brand and accessibility in AA or confirming to a more rigid but highly accessible AAA standard, our accessibility champions will assess your current performance and provide clear guidance on immediate implementations and how to maintain standards on an ongoing basis. 

UX success stories

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User experience consultancy in action

Spindogs’ UX experts will help you avoid costly design and development mistakes, and can provide you with actionable UX recommendations aligned to your objectives. This can save you time and resources, and can help you avoid the need for costly redesigns in the future. Whether at the beginning of a web project or analysing a campaign that underperformed, typical benefits of improved UX include: 

Testing new service or product pages and journeys

When launching a new service or product, it’s important to consider whether your existing user journeys are still appropriate. Wireframing and rapid prototyping to test user journeys with your audience is an invaluable tool to ensure no stone is left unturned. 

Increase conversions through UX consulting

Getting users to your website is half the battle, but converting them when they are there requires further attention. Many marketers focus on increased traffic generation, where investing in on-site UX improvements will result greater volumes of conversion. Conversion optimisation tools such as heatmapping and A/B testing enable us to hypothesise and trial scenarios and ensure that your user interface and user journeys are as efficient as possible. 

Improve SEO performance

An added benefit of UX best practice is improved SEO performance. Search engine ranking signals include bounce rate and page speed, and a focus on streamlining navigation and more focused messaging will help to improve click through and dwell time, ultimately improving your rankings. 

Practice sustainable marketing

The focus on sustainable websites and marketing is growing, and a key tool in reducing the carbon footprint of your website is through streamlined user journey and reduced user interface. Best practice UX often dictates the simplification of website experiences, and UX consultancy is a great place to start on your sustainability journey. 

UX consulting, holistic thinking 

A positive user experience can help enhance your brand image and increase brand loyalty, and Spindogs’ approach to UX considers all angles when making recommendations; brand strength, marketing performance and technical advantage. Ensure you aren’t losing customers or missing sales as a result of a poor user experience. 

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