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The Client

Having previously worked with Carbon Law to develop their website and marketing activity, we had a strong existing relationship upon which to lean when  discussing their latest venture: The Bamboo Platform.

Taking the concept of letting partners become master of their own destiny, Bamboo offers lawyers and non-lawyers the opportunity to start their own law brand. By using an alternative business structure (ABS), Bamboo enables those who have always wanted to start their own law brand to do exactly that. What makes Bamboo completely unique is the support and services they provide. Covering the technology, regulation, insurance, recruitment, marketing and finances required with starting a law firm from scratch, Bamboo takes away the hassle, stress and expense that could otherwise stop lawyers from branching out on their own.

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The Brief

While Carbon had a strong concept, they needed our help to flesh it out into a fully formed business. From the ground up, we needed to create a memorable name, develop engaging visual style and brand architecture, build a fully functioning website with relatable content, and go to market with a compelling marketing strategy and launch plan.

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The Challenge

The biggest challenge with this project, was taking the client from no brand at all to positioning them securely within their market, within the space of 2 months. Like any new brand, it can be extremely challenging to grow your visibility, reach your target audience and earn the trust of users, when you’ve only just started operating as a business. That’s why, if we were going to take Bamboo straight out of the box and start to generate leads, we were going to need to pull together the skills and knowledge of the entire Spindogs team.

The Solution

Bamboo was a unique market proposition, which gave us room to be more experimental with branding. Not your usual legal business, the client wanted to create a name that carried meaning and personality, whilst adding depth to the proposition. After undergoing a series of naming workshops, we felt that Bamboo was an appropriate name, combining strength and flexibility to create robust structures. The name Bamboo was key to informing the visual style of the brand and allowed us to draw on the colours of different bamboo species to build a custom colour palette.

The flexibility and movement of bamboo inspired the visual language and logo, and enabled us to create a range of interesting graphics by flexing the name Bamboo into different shapes. We also used this technique in the photography we chose. Keen to steer clear of the traditional stock imagery found in the legal industry, featuring gavels and wigs, we opted for a more candid style. Focused on professional individuals, we applied the moveable typography, moulding it around the scene to show how flexible and adaptable Bamboo can be.

Moving on from visual branding, we needed to ensure that the written brand not only matched it, but took it to new heights. The content needed to clearly break down the offering and services available, which could appear complex if communicated poorly. It was also important that the content was relevant to the multiple target audiences identified through the brand development process. By using our unique keyword research methodology we were able to optimise the content and identify potential gaps and opportunities in the market.

Founded on a strong visual brand and search driven content, it was important that the website provided initial information, it also needed to encourage potential customers to engage and navigate to other areas of the site. By integrating the site with a mailing tool and CRM, we were able to ensure that pipeline management was as efficient as possible.

As a new brand, all of our actions worked towards building long term foundations for the client. Creating a launch strategy with real cut-through was crucial to establishing a foothold in the industry. With the offering being new and complex, we knew that the inbound activity would likely be minimal, so our launch was going to not only require drawing attention to the brand but providing education to the market.

For our marketing strategy, we focused most of our activity on acquisition through paid channels such as LinkedIn and Google Ads, which enabled us to target specific audiences and related search terms, such as ‘how to start a law firm’. Supporting this activity through email marketing and remarketing campaigns, we ensured the brand remained visible and on the radar of potential customers.

The Results

As a result of our collaborative approach, we were able to support the client throughout the process of creating and launching their new business. Just 5 months after the launch of the new website, the client saw the following fantastic results:
  • 21.3k visitors to the site
  • 129 leads generated
  • Achieved number 1 ranking for 5 terms
  • Ranking visibility increased from 0% to 3.6%

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