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The Client

Fritz Fryer opened in 1982 and quickly gained a formidable reputation for their high-quality antique lighting. Since then, they have continued to restore and sell antique lighting, which is sourced from all over the UK and Europe. Often carefully selected at auctions and antique fairs, Fritz Fryer remain committed to their heritage and breathing life back into parts that would otherwise go to scrap.

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The Brief

The client approached us when they became interested in optimising their website, but were uncertain where to start. With so many pages on their website, they were unsure about what they should focus on first, and what would need to be changed in order to improve the optimisation of their site. Our task was to support the client with our knowledge of SEO, enabling them to implement optimisation techniques and generate the results they wanted to see.

The Solution

We offered the client an intensive 3 month support cycle. In month one, we would help them to identify which of their pages were ranking and use Surfer SEO to suggest content improvements. This would allow us to spot any content that needed to be added, whilst building the clients understanding of how their site could be enhanced. In month two, we would review the content changes that the client had made, including the meta and browser details. This process enabled us to provide feedback to the client and grow their confidence for future optimisation attempts. In month three, we would work on building external links to the pages that the client had been working on. This cycle ensured the client knew how to identify what pages to focus and how to improve the content, preparing them to progress with the optimisation of their site.

Once we had completed our 3 month support cycle, we provided the client with a detailed consultancy document to refer back to and follow.

The Results

With our support, Fritz Fryer were able to achieve fantastic results across a range of their product pages.
  • On their Bespoke Lighting Design page the CTR increased from 4.2% to 10.6%
  • On their Bespoke Lighting page the CTR increased from 0.3% to 4%
  • Their new Cluster Chandelier page generated 7.1 POS

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