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The Client

Protokol is empowering global enterprises to solve real business challenges and future-proof their business through the power of custom blockchain solutions.

As blockchain is a relatively new, unknown concept to businesses, Protokol provide advisory and consulting services alongside actual blockchain engineering and support.

The Brief

As a new startup, the first goal was to translate their internally created brand strategy into a brand identity that scales across both digital and print.

They wanted a brand identity that would be aligned heavily with their core strategy. It needed to have a cleanliness about it, playing on Protokol’s positioning as a clean, uncluttered and streamlined design.

It needed to be modular, the design templates needed to be naturally reusable, making it easy to recreate future assets internally, or at least use them as guidance for future content creation.

It needed to be professional and competent as Protokol are in competition with large tech giants and they also wanted to follow best-practice of design, meaning that risks didn’t need to be taken with the brand identity.

The project was focussed on generating brand identity elements/templates that could be used for the next year, surpassing the launch and early growth stage.

The new website needed to successfully reflect that Protokol are an end-to-end solutions company who deliver a seamless experience. The user experience of the website also needed to mirror the service they offer in terms of ease and quality.

The Solution

Despite having a comprehensive brand strategy to work with, we had creative flexibility throughout the entire project, from early brand concepts all the way to website design.

We designed a professional, modern and dynamic brand identity that could be reused across their entire collateral. In particular, Senior Designer Rhys came up with the Protokol hexagon device which became the backbone of the entire brand – being reused across their iconography, print work and even within the stock photography we sourced for them.

We designed a 10 page Corporate brochure that Protokol are now able to bring to client meetings and tenders. This brochure provides an overview of Protokol’s story and their services.

We designed and built a deceptively simple website that has plenty of tools for Protokol to create lead generation landing pages. We built both an Insights area for Protokol to house their articles and thought pieces and a Resources area which allows Protokol to signpost over to their whitepapers, downloads and other external assets.

A key part of the website build was Hubspot integration. Hubspot is a CRM that provides quite a lot of flexibility in terms of styling and integration options. Due to this flexibility, we were able to build several contact forms that look seamless within the website’s design but also feed leads into Hubspot. Protokol are also able to serve up downloads to users through their enquiry forms which is also a method they are using to boost lead generation.

One of the biggest challenges that face Protokol is explaining their services to users. Blockchain is a very new concept and many businesses are unfamiliar with how they can leverage the service.

One of Protokol’s solutions to tackle this fear/unfamiliarity is to create educational content in the form of blogs, resources and downloads. We, therefore, built a WordPress platform that gave Protokol the flexibility to make articles with a variety of flexible content blocks – download blocks, form blocks with Hubspot integration, accordion blocks, case study blocks and quote blocks. We were able to give them 15+ flexible blocks to choose from.

In total, Spindogs were able to design the logo, pick the website font, suggested stock imagery, design many of their assets, designed icons, designed the website and finally build the website with our team of experts. Needless to say, this was a full-service project which we thoroughly enjoyed!

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