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Happy Friday! And it’s not just any Friday…today is UK National Employee Appreciation Day!

As we are happy with any excuse to shout about how great our team are, now seemed the perfect time to run through some of the reasons we appreciate our colleagues.

A crucial part of succeeding in delivering on our people related goals is listening. Listening to the team working together, listening to the team on a one-to-one basis and listening to the feedback from our regular team surveys. By absorbing and calibrating this continuous feedback loop, it enables the people team to make decisions that we feel will make a positive impact to each person’s day, and ultimately their Spindogs experience.  This can only be successful if the team are comfortable sharing their feedback and being honest and open with each other, and so our first thank you to the team today is for being honest, we love it when you share your thoughts, feelings and feedback, as it allows us to effect positive change.

Any work culture is very much a sum of its parts and is influenced microscopically and consistently across each working day by everyone within that company’s community, and with this in mind our approach is simple, we recruit great people, and work hard to create a great environment where people can be themselves, thrive and deliver great work.

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National Employee Appreciation Day
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Our second thank you of the day is for showing you care. The number of peer to peer ‘good vibes’ our team receive on a weekly basis through our survey tool Office Vibe is incredible, and the recognition is specific, priceless and much appreciated by the team.

In the wake of the pandemic we have all had to adapt our people methodologies and our greatest challenge over the last 3 years has been how we protect and nurture our employee experience with a team who are free to choose whether they are based in the office, remotely or a hybrid of the two. Fortunately, a third of our team worked remotely before 2020 and their feedback and support during the initial transition for the wider team was invaluable. Our third thank you to the team is for always trying to add value, to each other and to our clients. Each time you suggest a change or improvement, it helps take us all in the right direction and when we all see our suggestions come to fruition it can be extremely motivating to both ourselves and our colleagues, so please keep the suggestions coming!

As I mentioned above, our culture is driven by every member of our Spindogs community and so as our team evolves, develops and changes so will our culture, and by all staying true to our values and behaviours it can only evolve for the better. Our team has navigated a lot of changes over the last 18 months, both in terms of people, our processes and the systems we use on a daily basis, and it has all been approached with positivity and enthusiasm, and so our fourth thank you is for embracing these changes, understanding and appreciating the impact you have on our shared goals and always being accountable.

Our last thank you of today is for communication, and holding hands with this, connection. Meaningful connections can only happen if we engage with the opportunities to connect with each other available to us, and when we do we can build healthy, productive and enjoyable professional relationships with each other, which often turn in to lifelong friendships, which is cool!

As we use today as an opportunity to honour the great work of the Spindogs team it seems timely to give a shout out to our colleagues past, as well as present. Since 2004, we have had a front row seat at the beginning of some people’s careers, as well as the end for those reaching retirement, and it has always been a privilege to be a part of those journeys.

To hear how some of the team feel about their Spindogs experience so far, have a read through some of their comments on their recent anniversaries:

Our team quotes

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Ben Salter

The last 12 months as a graduate digital marketer at Spindogs has been everything I hoped it would be and more! I’ve had the privilege of being trusted to work on a wide range of projects such as website builds, organic content creation, SEO & paid advertising. I’ve also had the opportunity to work closely with some of our fantastic clients and benefit from the amazing support we have here internally at Spindogs which has been pivotal towards my progress in the last 12 months.

Tara Peters

As I reflect on my past 3 years I’m filled with a sense of pride and gratitude for the amazing growth opportunities and experiences I've gained in my journey from an intern in 2018 to an Account Manager, and more recently a Business Partner. I have been privileged to work with exceptional clients and colleagues, and to be part of a collaborative and supportive work culture. Through these experiences, I have developed a broad range of skills and expertise in managing accounts, leading projects, and nurturing client relationships.

Amanda Williams

I have worked at Spindogs for 7 years. Starting initially in a part-time front of house role, and now full-time in the people partner role of community coordinator, my progression has been supported by the whole team throughout my journey in the company. I get to work with the most amazing team every day. A team who constantly inspires, pushes and supports me. A team I look forward to interacting with every day.

Claire Swindell

For the last 12 years, I've had the privilege of working with incredible people, both colleagues and clients, delivering solutions that I have been really proud of. I have had the opportunity to take on some really interesting and exciting challenges and I've always found the energy created by the team working together to be extremely inspiring and motivating. I love that every day is different and look forward to what my future years at Spindogs hold.
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“There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.”

— Richard Branson Founder, Virgin Group

To close, we would like to share another HUGE public thank you to the team, we appreciate every effort you make to send positive ripples across the Spindogs community on a minute by minute basis, both in person and from home, and we couldn’t do it without you!

If Spindogs sounds like a company you would love to be a part of feel free to have a read of the current vacancies we have available on our careers page

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