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Olivia – Spindogs

Boomerang is the latest creation from the image-sharing app Instagram, that allows you to record a one second long animation. The app quickly shoots 5 photos that are then turned into a constantly looping one second video.

Simple to use

The app is incredibly simple to use. Only two buttons feature on the main screen, one for switching between the rear and front facing camera, and another to record. Once you’ve recorded your one second masterpiece, you can share it to Instagram and Facebook and most of your other social apps. The app also handily downloads all of your videos if you want to share them later.

Uploading the short videos will be familiar to those used to using Instagram. Videos can be made in portrait and landscape, or cropped into Instagram classic square format. You can apply various filters, but that’s as much post-editing you can do, the more advanced editing available for images isn’t currently available.

Works better as a standalone app

Although Boomerang is a separate app to Instagram, its ease of use means this isn’t really an issue. You don’t even need to log into Instagram through Boomerang, they connect right away. It also means that the Instagram app isn’t bogged down by another feature, especially one that you might not use all of the time. This approach of incorporating new features with different apps is one that Instagram seem keen to use, as this can be seen in their Layout and Hyperlapse apps. Rather than forcing new features on its 400 million monthly users, this approach allows for a lot more choice.

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Advertising will become a big part of Instagram’s offering and Kenshoo predicts Instagram will make up to $1 billion over the next four years through it’s advertising platform. So expect to see a lot of companies and brands using Boomerang as another marketing tool. Few brands have used Boomerang yet, but clothing company Timberland had almost 6000 likes on their video in less than 24 hours.

Popularity of Gif’s increase

The obsession with animated GIF’s continues to grow, and Boomerang allows anyone with a smartphone to create their own. Although it’s being compared to Vine, most people will feel more comfortable with Instagram’s offering. A one second long video is a lot easier to shoot than the six seconds you get on Vine. Creating something six seconds long that’s interesting and looks good is surprisingly difficult! Plus, with Boomerang your videos are incorporated into your existing profile, which saves having to create yet another social media account.

Most people will download Boomerang just to have a play with, but it’ll be interesting to see how many will continue to use it over the coming months. I bet that any brand with a strong social media presence will be eager to create interesting Boomerang videos, as they’ll really catch people’s attention when scrolling through their feed, and everyone loves a GIF!

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