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Behind the scenes of how the Pay Per Click (PPC) magic happens

It’s been just over a month since we welcomed Rhiannon, our new senior PPC executive to the Spindogs family. Rhi’s superpowers lie in creating PPC campaigns with targeted ads and keywords, and then analysing the results to maximise campaign efficiency.

As is customary, we gave Rhi some time to get settled and then coaxed her with a cuppa to sit down and share how this past month has been for her. Join us for the exclusive:

IMG 2187 – Spindogs

How did you first hear about Spindogs?

I think it was through social media – I came across you guys (now us!) on Twitter, which is also where I saw the job ad. And here I am now!

What do you like most about working at Spindogs?

I know everyone says the people, but it’s true – I really like the people! I love the laughter and the team spirit at Spindogs. Oh, and the food and coffee, of course…

How would you describe the Spindogs experience?

Well, as I said the team is lovely – everyone is very nice and supportive of each other. Spindogs is truly like a second family. In terms of the work, if I had to summarise it I would say it’s fast-paced and intense, and rewarding at the end of the day when we’re seeing results and clients are happy!

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What are the three key things a member of the online marketing team doesn’t go a day without?

Music, of course – that’s a given. Film references as well – we are a very film and TV-centric team! And tea. Lots and lots of tea. (ed.: this seems to be a recurring theme in all our team interviews)

How would you describe the online marketing team in three words?

If we are talking about standalone words: Banter-ous. Clever. Inspiring. (And in a sentence: Basically, really awesome!)

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What was your career path before Spindogs?

I started in digital marketing 5 years ago, and I have been working with PPC since, helping companies grow their businesses online through platforms such as Google and Bing.

What is the most valuable skill you have acquired since you started working as a PPC specialist?

Patience – I don’t expect everything to happen in one second. I’ve learned to let it roll when it comes down to clients and campaigns – it’s important to remember it takes more than a day to see results.

Tell us about an interesting project you are working on at the moment.

Chromatrap is an interesting client. We are selling DNA purification kits, and it’s not every day you sell a DNA kit. Except, it should be [every day] with us! Besides, it’s something I’ve never done before, and new challenges are always exciting. I also enjoy working with Thomas Lloyd because they sell nice sofas!

What is your favourite social media channel and why?

Either Instagram or Twitter. Instagram because everything looks fabulous. And Twitter because you can be nosey, and you have to be really witty!

IMG 1817 – Spindogs

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

Welsh is my first language*. In fact, my school had a great motto in Welsh: ‘Cofia dysgu byw’. It means ‘Remember to live’, which is both poetic and great life advice.

*She sounds like a sassy Elf when she speaks Welsh!

Next time you’re visiting Spindogs HQ, don’t forget to say Sh’mae to the charming Rhiannon if you spot her!

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