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We’re big fans of Umbraco at Spindogs. One of the reasons why we love it so much is that we can build a diverse range of websites for our clients that are suitable for their marketing needs. However, while we rate Umbraco, you may not understand fully what Umbraco can do for you as a marketer.

Why choose Umbraco?

There are many reasons why marketers should choose Umbraco as their website CMS. Alongside being able to create a website that’s both engaging and inspiring, it’s also extremely user-friendly and has been designed for non-technical users to use. If you’re in the process of developing a new website or switching CMS, then read on to learn more about how Umbraco can help make your job as a marketer easier.

Easy to manage content

Umbraco gives you complete control and ownership of your site. The system has been set up to let you create as many new pages, forms, and campaigns as you like, and organise your site’s architecture, without having a developer to do the work and make the changes for you. Do you want a sub-service page? Go ahead and create it. Want it to sit under an existing main page? Just drag and drop it.

Umbraco also supports agile working by giving you access to the CMS and letting you manage your digital assets from anywhere at any time. The system enables you to plan and publish content and campaigns without scheduling the work in with a developer. Umbraco’s flexible permissions system and architecture site mean you can edit as much as you’re permitted to, without worrying about bringing the entire site down.

Easy to customise

As marketers ourselves, we understand the importance of being able to create and publish a blog post or a video without having to schedule time in with one of our developers. Umbraco lets you easily create and update pages. The system has a wide range of content templates, including text, video and image blocks, and has multiple headings and styles, which are completely customisable, so you have full reign on building your website and deciding what your web pages should look like. Umbraco works on a grid system, which means any content blocks you upload render on different devices. The templates are also designed for non-technical users, which means you don’t need HTML or need to know how to code to be able to create a page.

You can also preview the page, so you can see what the page looks like on multiple devices before publishing.

Simple to optimise content

Making sure content ranks high on Google is key for marketers, and Umbraco has the technical features to optimise your on-page SEO from the minute you publish it. You can fill out all the common SEO components, including title tags and meta descriptions, alt text, and add no index and no follow to your pages, to ensure they are SEO-friendly. Umbraco automatically generates redirects too.

Umbraco also ensures your content is shareable. Its functionality allows you to add social media tags and cards to pages.

It’s flexible

Umbraco isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ CMS. The system encourages you to integrate your website with existing third-party digital marketing tools you are already subscribed to. For example, Umbraco can integrate your eCommerce module, analytics, and email system, so everything is tied together for seamless user experience. It also has a wide range of apps, packages and extensions, like promotional banners and games, that help you to maximise your promotions, as well as its own eCommerce modules, including the renowned Ucommerce and the open-source module, Tea Commerce.

There are plenty more benefits of Umbraco, but we don’t want to ramble on forever! However, if you do have any questions about the CMS, or if you would like to know how we can help with your website build, then get in touch. Our development team is on-hand to offer expert advice and to cater to your marketing needs.

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