Corin Simpson-Bryars

Corin Simpson-Bryars

PHP Developer

Corin joins our web development team helping with integrations and general Laravel/Wordpress developments, bringing with him eight years of combined development and devops experience.

Corin loves being part of a team that he can bat ideas back and forth with, all while making each other laugh.

His greatest achievement within his career has been the creation of Courtyard a website fully utilizing the Spektrix V3 API to provide a native booking experience and in his spare time, a highly customisable file hosting website boasting 10k users and hosting 3.6 million files and 4000 uploads a day!

Still following?!

Outside of work, Corin’s passion is reverse engineering, he loves figuring out how applications and games tick behind the scenes! When he’s not pulling things apart to investigate them, he’s rhythm gaming on Beatmania IIDX and Jubeat!

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