Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Technical Director

Pete our technical director got his first computer at the age of 13 – a BBC Model B for his birthday which he was very excited about.  He started by typing in programs from a magazine at the time called “Input – learn programming for fun and the future”.  Pete found a love for programming at a young age when he developed his first program called “Where Is the Vatican?” 

Graduating from university with a degree in Computer Science, Pete learned how to write software properly and has been in development ever since.  Writing software in many languages including Java, PHP, Visual Basic, Javascript, but primarily he likes to use C#.

Pete’s role as technical director involves architecting new solutions. He describes the best part of what he does as learning all the time - new techniques, new products, new software.

In his spare time Pete is a big rugby fan and follower of the mighty Exeter Chiefs (can you guess he’s from Exeter).  As well as following the Chiefs, Pete spends a lot of time driving his twins around their various sports and activities and if you ever want to bribe him, then pretty much anything from Rebellion Beer ( will do nicely he says!

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