61 years of hurt...

When I was offered tickets for this game a few months ago I was already talking and getting excited about it...

"that could be the grand slam decider!"

 ...we were all saying.  Well it was, unfortunately Wales couldn't win the slam but it was still a tournament decider outside of that!

As I have Irish blood (7 aunties and uncles and my mum converted me to supporting Ireland as a young boy!) it was great to have something to be really excited about!

The atmosphere was tense, with the Irish support making well over the 5000 allocated seats!  They do travel well!  Cardiff rugby pitches were covered in tents on my way to the Worcester V Gloucester game the next day!

To cut an emotional story short, watching the ball from Wales' final penalty kick spin towards me, it wasn't until the very last second when it was caught beneath the posts that the thousands of fans around me could tell what the result was!  Everyone was cheering, until suddenly the Welsh support was silenced as Murphy kicked the ball into touch!

A very tough game, but what a day out! finished off nicely with a few pints in the Ex international bar underneath the Millennium Stadium (thanks to my good friend Pricey!) and departing drink in Cardiff Rugby club! 



Even the Welsh were happy at that hour...If that kick had been to go more than 13 points ahead in the game, i think it may have been a different story!

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