Why having a tone of voice for your brand is important

Establishing the tone of voice of your business is crucial to communicating the personality of your brand to the world. To stand out from competitors, your brand needs to truly master its tone of voice.

Think of some of the best brands out there. Their vocabulary and tone of writing can be understood immediately with very little information. “Just do it” and the feels that come with it is instantly recognisable as global sports brand Nike.

Here, we give our advice on how to develop a tone of voice that packs a punch and gives your audience a sense of who you are. Each brand has a different personality, but they all have one thing in common, the desire to reach out to customers in a personal and persuasive way.

Why is finding the right tone of voice important?

The personality of your business - which you can’t always experience first-hand with big businesses - is embodied in your tone. How you speak as a company allows your audience to get to know the people behind the brand, the values you stand for, and how you do business.

Your tone of voice injects all your marketing materials and digital content with the company’s personality. Get this right and you will win loyal customers who trust your brand and know all the things that make you better than other businesses.

what does your brand's tone of voice actually do?

Your tone of voice plays an important part in your marketing. For one thing, it helps you connect with your audience; get your brand voice right and your message is more likely to stick in customers’ minds, nurturing a bond with your brand that is more likely to be based on real trust.

Top tip: Find what works for you. Break down barriers and be light-hearted, or bet on remaining formal and respectable. There’s no one right answer, so just stay true to your brand.

how to create a consistent tone of voice

It’s a mission keeping your tone of voice consistent across all your marketing channels. A bit of extra love in the shape of tone guidelines will have everyone in your business singing from the same song sheet (or is it writing from the same crib sheet?). If you want to polish your tone of voice to avoid sounding clunky and disjointed, we advise you to:

Put together a style guide

This way everyone who produces content for your business will have a set of standards keeping them up to speed with your brand identity, how you want to present yourself, and the type of language you use.

A good style guide includes the company’s vision and principles which inform what you say, as well as what your brand personality is, as well as what it isn’t. This document will dictate to your writers how you say things. Wrap the guide up with practical tips on how to apply your brand tone of voice when writing copy. 

Don't make editing an afterthought

As any good copywriter will tell you, reviewing and editing content is the key to getting it just right. This is especially true when you are perfecting your brand’s tone of voice. A read through will turn up anything that’s off brand and spot any mismatched phrasing which just isn’t quite on tune with your personality.

Having someone who really gets your brand’s personality editing your work will ensure that it connects to the people who really matter to your business.

Leave it to the pros

We create powerful content that is moulded around your brand’s unique identity, so outsourcing your copywriting to an agency like Spindogs is always a safe bet. Find out how our expert marketers can help with your content creation 

Align content marketing with overall business aims

What is your “so what” of creating content? A distinctive tone of voice that customers know, trust and love is crucial, but the real treasure lies in making it work for your marketing strategy. When you tie-up all aspects of your business together you present a coherent and confident brand.

If you create good content people connect with, chances are you’ve got something magical to share with wider audiences. Check out the range of services we can deliver as part of your outsourced online marketing

Managing tone of voice across channels

Much like people’s personalities, your brand will have one voice that doesn’t change that much over time, but will adapt to its surroundings (you wouldn’t speak to your nan the same way you speak with your friends, would you?).

Your brand tone of voice will come across differently on Instagram than it will on the website. Likewise, you wouldn’t use an emoji to showcase your fun side in a PR release but you wouldn’t hold back the feels on your Twitter feed.

Think of it this way, if your brand was a person, who would they be? Flesh out their character in a tone of voice document, and write as them when creating content for your brand across channels. If your brand personality is chatty and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, you have a bunch of ways to express that depending on the channel.

It’s important to discover how customers engage with your brand by doing brand discovery workshops with your customers and staff. Do users respond to web content that is easy-to-read and relaxed, free of stuffy team photos or high-brow expressions? Is your casual tone of voice resonating with your social media followers?

Our top tip: Don't be limited by what your company sells. Think about what you stand for and live it through your content 

Finding the right tone of voice will benefit your content marketing in a number of ways, from setting your company apart from the competition to forming a personal and profitable relationship with customers. 

Get in touch and we will help you flesh out a tone of voice that reflects your brand personality 



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