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There’s no denying that LinkedIn is the digital place to be for businesses. With over 58 million registered company accounts, and a whopping 830 million members, the opportunities for businesses to engage with followers, scope potential clients, and expand their business online. The platform also boasts an impressive list of marketing features to help propel your business profile, and can make you stand out from your competitors, on a pretty competitive social platform. If you’re looking to incorporate some new LinkedIn features into your marketing strategy next year, here’s what we have in mind.

LinkedIn Newsletters

The LinkedIn newsletter tool has been around for a couple of years for creators, but this year the tool is available for businesses. This feature allows you to send relevant content to existing and prospective clients, so it’s the ideal tool to keep your audience up to date with your latest blog posts, events, and latest industry trends. It also saves your readers time from searching in their inboxes trying to find your latest email newsletter.

LinkedIn Network

Clickable Links in Images

This is one of the handiest features to be rolled out this year by LinkedIn. Clickable links in images give you another way to drive traffic to your website. To do this, create a post, then select a link icon where you can enter the link text and desired URL. Whether you’re encouraging sign-ups, driving traffic, or job listings, a clickable link can make those conversions that bit easier.

 Lead Generation Forms

According to LinkedIn, over 89% of B2B marketers used lead generation forms. These forms let advertisers collect leads directly on LinkedIn without the need to redirect users to a landing page. Lead generation forms can be used to encourage newsletter sign-ups, redirect to a product or service page, or download resources, allowing users to fill in forms with ease, at the click of a button. It’s worth noting that lead generation forms are only available for sponsored posts, so make sure to pair it with content that is engaging and encourages users to click the CTA.

Visual Posts

Did you know visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text? Sharing news and updates with your users in a more visual manner, such as with LinkedIn carousel posts can help improve engagement, CTR, and impressions. LinkedIn’s carousel post feature is essentially a document that you can post to your feed, which users can scroll through like a presentation, and they are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to share their expertise. Carousel posts can be used to post step-by-step guides, repurpose blog content, how-to articles, or infographics. You can post up to 300 slides in one carousel, however, we recommend keeping things short and sweet.

These are just a small number of useful features that you can use to fuel your business profile on LinkedIn. These can help you leverage your social presence and make the most of your marketing strategy. However, with a growing number of features at your disposal, we recommend getting to know what works for you and your business. If you’d like to discuss how Spindogs can support your LinkedIn marketing strategy, get in touch. 

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