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This past month our .NET team travelled far and wide (from Edinburgh, Cardiff, Reading, Plymouth, and Swindon to be exact) to spend a couple of days in London to attend the annual Umbraco Gold Partner Summit, and Umbraco Together conference. This was the first hybrid Umbraco Event where guests could join in-person, or virtually. We were delighted to be able to attend in person and take full advantage of being with our Umbraco community friends and colleagues.

Umbraco Gold Partner Summit

The Umbraco Gold Partner Summit is an annual one-day and invite-only event for Umbraco Gold Partners, this year taking place at Hugo & Cat’s incredible Shoreditch office.This is a fantastic opportunity where we, as gold partners, can influence the development and strategy of Umbraco, share quality ideas, trade war stories and learn from other Gold Partners from across the UK.

The summit was also a great opportunity to expand our network and establish new connections and friends within the Umbraco community. It was brilliant to hear from the likes of Mike Pedersen, Partner Friend Maker at Umbraco, and build a closer relationship with Umbraco HQ. It’s a really exciting time to be working with Umbraco, and came away from the summit inspired by how we can further involve ourselves as an agency in the community, not only to benefit our clients but also our own Umbraco developers who work with the CMS system every day.

“The Umbraco Gold Partner Summit and the Umbraco Together conference was probably the best I’ve been to so far and I would encourage anyone who is developing in Umbraco to attend more community events.”

— Dominic Midlane Umbraco Professional

Umbraco Together

Day 2 in London took us to Techspace Shoreditch, where the Umbraco Together conference was held. A special thanks to Bump Digital and the Umbraco Foundation for running the event. Each speaker was fantastic, and topics ranged from technical deep-dives around feature flags, accessibility and open-source, and inspiring stories from the community. 

To say we have missed networking in real life with our Umbraco community has been an understatement. The community is ultimately what makes Umbraco so special. People give their time, passion, and energy to contribute in every way they can – so to spend time talking, learning, and listening from contributors at Umbraco Together was incredibly valuable to us, as individual developers, and as an agency.

“If you get the chance to go to Umbraco Together next year, I would highly recommend it. A great event and it's great to see it back!”

— Owain Williams Umbraco MVP

What’s next?

Attending conferences such as Umbraco Together and the Gold Partner Summit is very important to us as an agency, as with many Umbraco clients, it’s important we’re always up to date with the latest Umbraco news and features, and technology.

We are always keen to get involved with the Umbraco community as much as we can, and we’re looking forward to getting involved with Umbraco Community Day in January 2023, and our monthly local Umbraco meetup, UmbraCymru. 

See you next year, Umbraco Together!

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