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Consistently, our team of web development experts have noticed the growing popularity of .NET for digital new builds. Kentico, for instance, is currently one of the most popular .NET CMS platforms, loved by both developers and marketers.

Kentico positions itself as the only fully integrated Ecommerce and online marketing ASP.NET CMS platform which allows users to optimise the experience of their customers and create cutting edge websites. The all-in-one CMS is designed to save you both time and resources, so you have more room to grow your business.

We’ve previously examined Kentico’s marketing capabilities, and looked at how it compares to Umbraco. This time we turn the spotlight fully on Kentico and get to know the CMS platform a little better.


Feature rich and exceptionally scalable, Kentico comes with unrivalled development support, and the figures to back up its fame. In partnership with 1,000 digital agencies, Kentico powers over 25,000 websites in 100 countries worldwide.

Currently, Kentico offers the best selection of features out of the box – the CMS system is equipped with Ecommerce, marketing, blogging and messaging functionalities amongst many others. Better yet, any bespoke features that don’t come with an off the shelf Kentico site can be built by web development experts – so you can say goodbye to chunky plug-ins!


The Ecommerce module available on Kentico gives you full control over design and the opportunity to integrate with third-party systems, so you can easily build a powerful online store and start selling to a global customer base.

With Kentico, you will be able to tailor your checkout process in line with the growth of your business and websites. Full integration with the online marketing module, meanwhile, allows you to create cohesive multi-channel campaigns tailored to your customers.

Learn more about the top features and benefits of Kentico’s Ecommerce module.


Kentico’s online marketing solution is designed to make your digital marketing more engaging for customers and help expand your reach. The feature-rich CMS offers you a whole host of marketing functionalities, all in one handy package.

The module assists marketers in creating an exceptional experience for their customers through real-time insights and a 360-degree audience view. Optimise your campaigns and nurture leads with the help of fully integrated marketing automation, email marketing and lead scoring.

The online marketing module also offers A/B testing capabilities and personalisation throughout the entire customer journey of your brand. This way you can deliver targeted content to your audience and increase conversion rates.

Learn more about the top features and benefits of Kentico’s Online Digital Marketing solution.


Incorporation of third-party systems such as CRMs, ERPs, shipping providers and payment gateways is made easier with Kentico. The integration capabilities of the CMS allow systems to seamlessly communicate with each other, creating a stress free customer experience all around.


Last, but not least, Kentico has a robust support department which can assist any issues that may arise via phone, email and a customer support platform. The Kentico support team is made up of engineers working in-house, who have first-hand knowledge of the product and promise a quick turnaround on bug fixes. The platform’s support resource also includes a wealth of articles, blogs and FAQs where you can quickly find answers to your queries.

Famous for their exceptional customer service, Kentico also maintain great customer and partner relations. Collaborating with partners to consistently better their offering and communicate changes efficiently, the Kentico team are committed to ensuring the success of their customers.

Now that you know Kentico better, you can see for yourself the undeniable appeal of this CMS platform. Straightforward to build on and easy to use, Kentico offers its users an abundance of off the shelf features and around the clock support.

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