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CSG are the trusted IT Partner for over 360 SME & Enterprise businesses. They have been providing market-leading IT, telephony and software services throughout the UK since 1985; making them one of the longest established IT companies in Wales.

As well as providing IT support and infrastructure services, they specialise in the integration of Business Software and Voice and Data Systems. These range from single to multi-site solutions.


CSG wanted a new website that would position them as a forward-thinking company with a modern look and feel to it. The current one was dated, had too many forms leading to different things, with an unclear sitemap and a CMS that was becoming restrictive for them,

It needed to be easy to navigate with a smooth user interface, allowing visitors to reach information with ease, therefore reducing bounce rates.

The main goal of the website was to generate new potential business enquiries but it was also important that there was a simple CMS behind it for in-house updates and creating landing pages.


We worked with CSG to create a homepage wireframe and sitemap before we started any creative. It was really important that we understood the desired user journey/how many services there are and how CSG intended on categorising them. We decided to upgrade CSG to WordPress which would provide access to a larger amount of functionality and plugins.

The sitemap process led us to recommend a megamenu (a type of expandable menu in which many choices are displayed in a two-dimensional dropdown layout) for Services as there are quite a few subcategories of Service, and they all needed the same amount of website real estate.

We also used animation and interactive elements such as sliders where appropriate to differentiate CSG from their competitors who have more stereotypically plain websites.

IT is a typically difficult industry to get good photography for so we instead used branded elements, full-colour blocks and icons to make the pages more visually stimulating.

Case studies were really important for CSG, but we didn’t want these to be long, drawn out blocks of text. We designed and built stat blocks that allowed CSG to highlight key metrics and we built an anchor sidebar that allows a user to jump to a part of the text that appeals to them i.e. ‘the results’.

We provided CSG with a flexible text page template that allows them to add images/forms/text in a variety of positions. This would allow them to create more dynamics pages.

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